Looking for a beautiful dressing table? Here’s our top 10…

Our round up of beautiful dressing tables that really are a girls best friend…

Beautiful dressing table

Whether you are lucky enough to have a large dressing room or you just have a small corner in a bedroom, every girl should have a space dedicated to her daily beauty routine.  Our own much loved, much appreciated dressing tables have helped us prep for glamorous evenings and hectic days alike and today we share our top 10 beautiful dressing tables that add a little bit of dazzle to our dress up time.

Mirror console table

  1. Calvia Console Table

Perhaps the sparkliest of them all the Calvia console is perfect for secret magpies who can’t resist a bit of shimmer and shine.


Pewter Console Table


2. Pewter Console Table

With a gorgeous pewter shade this beautiful dressing table will add a touch of refined elegance to your boudoir and we love the subtle snakeskin texture too.


The Top Drawer Console Table


3. Montauk Console Table

We love this range for masterfully combining the sparkle of mirror furniture with the chic feel of distressed wood to create a look that’s both rustic and glamorous at the same time.


Sabina Console Table


4. Sabina Console Table

This beautiful dressing table is glamorous and practical featuring 3 handy storage drawers, cute as a button, it’s a steal at £200 too.


dressing table


5. Manhattan Console Table

With a nod to the Art Deco era this marvellous monochrome piece is a statement in itself.


Illusion Console Table Sq

6. Illusion Console Table

As the name suggests this is a really eye catching dressing table and the concealed storage drawers offer loads of space to hide away all your make up essentials.

Diamond crush console table


7. Diamond Crush Console Table

Ornate and luxurious, just like a piece of jewellery this statement piece proves that diamonds really are a girls best friend.


Black console table


8. Stingray Console Table

With a beautiful faux snakeskin texture this dressing table is a must for girls looking to add a touch of black magic to their boudoir.


Art deco dressing table


9. Art Deco Console Table

This is a beautiful piece that will stand the test of time.  The strong geometric features are synonymous with the Art Deco architectural style and we just love the eye catching curved edges.  The 90cm width make this an ideal option for small spaces too.
Beautiful dressing table


10. Champagne Mirror Console Table

Pretty and gracious we love the ornate detailing of the legs and beautiful crystal handle of this piece.  The champagne trim also adds an element of warmth to the mirror to complement silver and gold colour schemes alike.

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