6 steps to a stunning floral centrepiece…

Floral Centrepiece
If you have been to our Glasgow store you’ll know we like the odd floral arrangement (or 10!). Lots of you have said you wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to arranging your own floral centrepiece so I thought I’d share some tips today, it’s honestly really easy as you will see….

1. Set a budget

You can really go to town when it comes to adding flowers to a display. To avoid any disappointment set a budget. If you have splurged out on your vase you can pull back on the cost of your florals by opting for lots of cheaper stems with the addition of a few more intricate blooms as a focal point for the arrangement.

2. Think about size

Where will the centrepiece be placed? How wide is the surface? How tall do you want the floral centrepiece to be & will it obscure anything sitting behind it like a mirror or picture? Once you have decided on the above select a vase that will tick those boxes.

3. And how about the shape of the floral centerpiece?

I have a very simple process here, basically I aim to build up a pyramid with long stems sitting in the centre and I then work outwards with the smaller ones. I am sure there are plenty of technical and more elaborate explanations for this part but I prefer to keep it simple.

4. Now for some colour

Now it’s time to unleash your creative side! Will you opt for shades that complement your interior or throw caution to the wind by opting for lots of contrasting and exciting hues? The sky is the limit here, it’s my favourite part of arranging a display. My advice here has to be have fun and experiment.

5. And the finishing touches….

I add small crystals to the base of the vase to give a glistening water effect. For even more sparkle we also recommend sitting your vase on a mirror plate, it looks great and it will protect your surface too.

6. Time to refresh your floral centrepiece?

No problem, the best thing about artificial flowers is that they last forever & you can keep them fresh by adding seasonal blooms and new accent colours.

Faux Flowers


So there you have it – Floral centrepieces explained in 6 simple steps!  If you’re still not convinced you can tackle a floral centrepiece on your own don’t hesitate to stop by the store where we can produce one to suit a colour scheme and budget especially for you.  Alternatively, if you are all set to go check out our edit of faux flowers available online now.