Caroline’s 6 Home Decor Tips for Small Spaces…


How to get the most out of a small room is a question we are often asked.  We must admit, this is often not an easy task but we’ve given it a lot of thought and have compiled 6 key home decor tips for small spaces.

  1. Do your homework



Before you make any purchases spend a bit of time sketching out your space, measuring the room and visualising where large furniture pieces will sit.  This will hopefully save you time and money when it comes to furniture shopping as you will focus on what you really need.

  1. Consider your surroundings

Try not to place furniture in front of windows or entrances wherever possible, this will give the illusion that the room extends beyond the physical walls.

  1. Be practical

When it comes to furniture and interiors make sure you get the right balance between comfort vs style.  Side tables should always be within arms reach and coffee tables should be 16-18 inches apart from sofas to allow for ample leg room (there you go fact fans).

  1. Add some mirror magic



Reflections are great for adding depth.  Invest in a large mirror you love and display it vertically on a wall to give the feeling that the room is bigger than it really is.

  1. Let glass be your friend

We often recommend glass top dining tables for customers who want to create an airy feel in their dining room or kitchen.  Glass is great for pulling in light and brightening up a room which all helps to create that airy, spacious feeling.

  1. Be touchy feely


Cushion Crop

When it comes to the finishing touches opt for cushions and throws in contrasting textures and fabrics rather than bold patterns that will over crowd the space.

Now it’s time to get cracking!



Caroline x