Metallic Home Decor Ideas

Today we take a look at a top trend that’s been making waves in home decor in 2015 and is set to continue in a big way throughout 2016 too.  It’s glamorous, it’s decadent, it’s ultra luxurious and we love it!  The trend is metallic home decor and this week we are sharing our top tips for adding a touch of high shine luxury to your home using precious metals such as silver, bronze, brass, pewter and gold.

Metallic Home Decor Ideas

1. Colour Palette
We’ve seen loads of lovely metallic home decor ideas across Instagram featuring luxurious wallpaper and beautiful metallic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. The look is wonderful and modern but also costly and pretty permanent too so when it comes to metallics we have been savvy with our styling and given a nod to the trend via home accessories and finishing touches instead. To allow your metallic accents to shine and take centre stage we advise either opting for a neutral colour palette of white and cream tones or deep dramatic block colours such as brown, purple or black.

Metallic Furniture Ideas

2. Furniture
Key accent pieces in metallic finishes are great for creating a luxe and refined feel. Our Pewter Faux Snakeskin Console Table fits the metallic home decor theme perfectly and it’s so versatile too, this table can easily be moved from hallway to living room to bedroom as your needs change and you refresh your home for years to come.

Metallic Home Decor

3. Lighting
When it comes to lighting we are absolute interior magpies so lucky for us we have a whole host of table lamp ideas in spectacular silver, gold and bronze that suit the metallic home decor trend and are perfect for adding a touch of decadence.  We love the Mayfair table lamp for adding texture and detail and our all time favourite Bahama lamp comes in a bronze base which is perfect for creating a refined and luxurious feel.

Metallic Home Decor Ideas

4. Accessories
Accessories are a great option for bringing the metallic home decor trend to life and it’s a quick and relatively cheap route to opt for too.  There’s a whole host of fun and exciting options available right now in bold shapes and gleaming textures that will leave your interior shinning in metallic glory.

Metallic Home Decor Ideas

5. Cushions

Cushions are another great option for adding a splash of glitz and glamour and we’ve got some lovely options to throw into the metallic mix that will bring your sofa bang up to date in an instant.


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